About GitGoin' Mind & Movement

When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at age 51, it ended a 10 year search for a diagnosis. As an avid cyclist, he trained for 100 mile bike rides throughout the year. I am convinced this slowed his progression and made identifying PD more difficult.


As a clinical pharmacist, I had worked in the skilled nursing setting in a large medical center in San Francisco. I developed a close relationship with physical and occupational therapists there. I knew from my studies, from teaching pharmacy students, and from working with therapy on Parkinson’s patients, the natural history of the disease and limitations of medication. 


In late 2015, my sister told me about a 60 Minutes segment on PD and rock steady boxing. After watching it, I checked the website: no affiliated gym in Marin County, California. I decided immediately to open one. Our first class was on December 5, 2016, held at Five Points Fitness in Novato.


We have grown significantly since that first class of 3 participants and 2 coaches.  When Covid-19 hit, we were up to 60 active members, and had added 2 coaches to our staff.

Our program fosters PD studies with the next generation at Dominican University school of occupational therapy. 


In 2018, Gitgoin contacted Dominican University School of Occupational Therapy and asked if they could develop exercises for fine motor movements. They are currently studying 4 exercises targeting activities of daily living with our members. Students regularly attend our classes to complete field work requirements.  We also facilitated a grant to broaden the program with monetary support for LSVT certification for students.

--Pamela Manwaring



Coaches Erik, Dee and Shar join Dominican University students (clockwise from Coach Shar) Emilio, Professor Kitsum, Christine, Pam, Natalie, and Jan.

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