Your Classes

 For People with Parkinson's

Big Movement in Small Spaces with Coach Dee & Coach Shar (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:30am Pacific/ 1:30pm Eastern)


We may not be in a big gym, but that doesn’t stop this class from being jam packed with exercise induced dopamine goodness. In our hour long class we combine evidence based methods to create a program specifically for the needs for people with Parkinson’s. This blend of stretching, core/posture strengthening, big movements, and boxing is all about keeping your symptoms at and getting you feeling better than ever.

Yoga for People with Parkinson’s with Coach Shar (Thursdays at 1:30pm Pacific/ 4:30pm Eastern)

This yoga is for you. Parkinson’s affects everyone differently and we know that so that means that this class is built for you and what you need. Here you will get to improve your balance, range of motion, proprioception (fancy doctor speak for body awareness), and self care skills. This class will take place on the floor, in a chair, and standing at various points so making sure that your able and comfortable getting up and down from the ground is a must. 

If you aren’t ready for that don’t fret our next class is for you.


Chair Yoga with Coach Dee (Monday at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern)

This yoga class for everyone. Any skill level and in any condition. All you need is a chair and yourself. Standing poses will build your strength and your bone density while building your physical balance. Your brain will love the moments of clarity you find in our slow paced stretches and mindfulness meditation.


Strong as an Ox Move like a Cat with Coach Erik (Tuesday at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern)

This class is all about building muscle and learning to move as agilely as an animal. You build strength while protecting your joints and beating back Parkinson’s with special techniques used by the top coaches. You will learn to move as elegantly as a cat with drills developed to keep you feel youthful, limber, and loose like you did as a child.


Rock Steady Boxing with Coach Erik ( Thursday and Saturdays at 10:30am Pacific/ 1:30pm Eastern)

Learn how to wallop Parkinson’s and work your way up to being the pound for pound toughest you can be in this 1 hour battle against Parkinson’s. In this class you will hone your skills to give your Parkinson’s the knockout blow it deserves. You will learn to punch, kick, slip, counter, and bob and weave your way to feeling great and improving your life. Every class is about taking it one round at a time until you hear the final bell. Channel your inner Rocky, Ali, or Mayweather and show Parkinson’s who the real champ is.