Descriptions of Class Offerings

Exercise Classes for PwP

Big Movement in Small Spaces (Monday, 10:30 Deeann) - Combining evidence based trainings on improving symptoms of PD, here’s what you can expect in this 1 hour class: Stretching & warm up at the beginning of every class – then after that, each class will vary, often we will shadow box, use weights, get in some cardo, address agility, balance, coordination and build strength all while having fun and boosting the mood. The class concludes with small motor exercises, stretching and a short relaxation.  Participants are highly encouraged to work out at their own pace, both more challenging options and backing-off options are given. Seated modifications are available as well.


Chair Yoga (Monday, 12:00 Deeann) - We start seated in a sturdy chair where we will practice breathwork and giving special attention to the joints and spine. Standing poses are offered to build strength, bone density, and improve balance.  You can expect a lot of deep stretching, a slower paced class offering plenty of time to practice mindfulness in each pose. We finish class winding down in the chair for core work, final stretches and a mindful meditation. This is a one hour mixed level class - all are encouraged to mind their own limitations.  


Big Movement Challenge (Tuesday, 10:30 Chris) - In Tuesday's class I will be focusing on strengthening basic yet fundamental movements and muscle groups. Whether you have some weights or no weights, these exercises are significant to improving how well you move during your daily life. This class will challenge all at their own individual fitness level, improve muscle endurance, proper movement patterns, and overall creating a stronger base of balance and stability.


Big Movements in Smaller Places|Rock Steady Boxing (Wednesday, Friday 10:30 with Sharlene)- a fun, functional fitness blend of stretching/mobility, cardio, core, posture, agility, strength & balance for your whole body.  Designed for Seniors and PWPD. Prepare for some shadow boxing and tuning your reaction skills. Most exercises can be practiced in a chair. Fine motor movement, cognitive and vocalization exercises included.  Based on the Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s method, Brian Grant Foundation Exercise for Parkinson’s training, adaptive yoga mind/body movement and high intensity interval training.  Classes end with a guided relaxation. 

Some previous conditioning necessary - must be able to stand with minimal support or have a corner to help


Yoga for PD (Thursday,  1:30 Sharlene) Please register on Monday for class on Thursday

  •  Adaptive, functional yoga appropriate for PWPD, people with reduced mobility, range of motion, mild balance    issues & disabilities

  •  Improve balance, range of motion, coordination, strength, core, posture & sleep habits

  •  Focus on body-awareness (proprioception), breath, mindful movement, anti-anxiety & self care

  •  Poses consist of seated, chair assisted, standing and floor

  •  must be able to get up & down from the floor     previous yoga experience & yoga props recommended


 Boxing for PD/Rock Steady Boxing (Thursday 5pm, Saturday 10:30am), Erik -This class focuses on the boxing and the big movements we need to beat back Parkinson’s and other maladies of life. No equipment is needed other than your gloves and perhaps a chair for balance. This class is all about big dynamic movements to make you feel good for the rest of the day as well as giving you that mental edge you need to stay focused through tasks meant to challenge our brains. Boxing and kickboxing drills are a primary tool in this class to fight against the progression of Parkinson’s, aging, and a sedentary lifestyle. We use the same techniques that champions have used since the dawn of time to destroy our diseases and aid the health of our bodies. Learn in a safe and healthy environment at your own pace from a fighter, trainer, nurse, and caregiver who has helped many improve the way they feel, move, and fight!